We are Community Chapel...
              Chariot of God's Love - Neighboring Ministries
                        One Church - Many ministries
We believe in...
1.  God the Father                                                1 Peter 1:12
2.  Christ the Son                                                  Luke 4:41
3.  The Holy Ghost                                                Acts 5:32
4.  We are The Church and we stand as one!   Acts 11:26
5.  The Holy Bible                                                  2 Timothy 3:16
6.  The Virgin Birth                                               Matthew 1:23
7.  The Resurrection                                            John 5:29
8.  Christ Return                                                   Luke 21:27
9.  The Blood of Jesus                                         Matthew 26:28
10. Eternal Life                                                      Matthew 19:29
2Corinthians 11:2; Romans 7:4

All glory, praise and honor are His to receive. To Jesus we sing because we believe.
All worship is due to Jesus Christ because He has been exalted above all others in
heaven and Earth.

You can't prove FAITH you either have it or you don't!
Articles of Faith
We are Pentecostal Holiness
Pastor Johnnie & Rev Barbara Scott
Senior Pastor& 1st Lady
know that TEAM WORK
accomplishes anything!
Scriptures to Live By:
Pastor:  Philippians 4:19
1st Lady:   1 Peter 5:7
Apostle Ruth Robinson
Always available to
answer questions or
pray with you.
She has a heart for
Home and Abroad
Terry & Rev Regina Goins
Terry is our Leader in song while his
wife Regina leads us in prayer.
40 years of marriage and over 10
years of faithfulness to our Church
we are glad they are here!
Our Senior Leaders
Jim and Apostle Ruth
Ministering in the Grace
of God to those in need.
Jimmy Dale Robinson
Jim handles our
Maintenance and
accompanies the Pastor
in his travels.
Roberta Wright
Church Mother, Historian and
Church Librian. Always improving
herself and reaching for higher faith.
Thank You Father for her
We are a part of
New Horizons Ministries
Our Conference
Bishop Randall Drake
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PO. Box 104; Jay, OK 74346
Call us (918) 253-7447
Apostle Ruth Robinson