His Worship Center       
Andhra Predesh INDIA
Chandra & Manju Kiran
The ones God used to
start it all
I am going back! I am praying for God
to open doors - God willing. Keep this
in prayer please and help me return.
Thank you - Chittoor   -------------------->
Just two of my favorite pictures:
Ruth (formerly: Plante) Robinson pictured
here my friend Jasmin(above) and(below)
with the dear lady who knew she would
see again!
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Apostle Ruth Robinson
The Village people are
coming for donations.
They allow me to have my picture
taken with them. The work is long
and all day. You can see I didn't
have a chance to stop by any
Beauty Salon.
From Village to village we went with the Word
of God teaching the simple truth of The
Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we would ask
Who wants this Jesus All hands would go up!
These are some of our children that are a
part of our Orphanage. Just $20 a month will
make a difference to them.
Bible Students who attend our Victory Bible Institute learn to be
equipped with the WORD of God and then are sent out to preach the
They take this serious and do the work of evangelists!
Help us help them, give your support for the Gospel in India