Righteous Restoration is what every person needs. After a
person has come to Christ they become a new creation yet

Sometimes to reach a neighbor for Christ you have to do a
little more. We have been blessed by God with people who
know how to get the job done. We have a Pastor who cares
about the people and knows there is always a need
somewhere. Painting a house can win an entire family to
Christ. Buying groceries can change the heart of an
unwilling listener. Cutting someones grass can make them
feel like a very special person.

Community Chapel does just that...cares for the individual
Body -Soul and Mind. God wants us to care for one another.
We give people a hand up not a hand out. Pastor teaches
people how to become good stewards over all they have.
This in turn makes good citizens for the community.

Thank you for wanting to help. God loves a cheerful giver.
Here is your opportunity to do for others. We couldn't do this
without you. You become the sender for every mission
accomplished. God will bless you in return because His
WORD says so. Luke 6:38
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Apostle Ruth Robinson
On September 11, 2001 we found out how vulnerable
we can be. Everyone suffered by the devastation.

When hurricane Katrina hit, America felt the pangs
of distress.

Everyday someone suffers somewhere, we who
serve the Lord should jump in to care for others.
Really, there is more happiness in giving then there
is in receiving. Be thankful when you are the one
giving, it means you are not having to receive. Be
ready to receive when you are in need because you
will reap what you sow.                                         

Love never fails!
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