It's really quite simple...
Community: For everyone in Jay, Oklahoma  
Chapel : A building for the local prayer and worship
Chariot: A vehicle of motion always ready to GO
of God's Love: Agape - The only thing that really works!
Neighboring: Who really is my neighbor? Everyone
Ministries: Willing servants as God directs

Our Name and our Logos say it all

Community Chapel is a place for everyone in the Community.
A house of prayer, a place of healing and restoration.
A fellowship of the Body of Christ.
A Chariot bringing God's Love - always going where ever the Lord takes us in
distributing His Word and making disciples.
Neighboring Ministries helping all our neighbors near and far, ministering to the
poor and needy as the need arises. No need is too small and God can handle
anything. Nothing is Impossible with GOD!
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PO. Box 104; Jay, OK 74346
Call us (918) 253-7447
Apostle Ruth Robinson