Formerly known as "The Bread Lady" now known as 'Chapel Chariot' Apostle Ruth Robinson has been a
member of Community Chapel in Jay, OK since 2010. She now serves full time under Pastor's Johnnie &
Barbara Scott and New Horizons Ministries- IPHC in Tulsa, OK.
Christian Outreach Foundation
An Affiliate of Community Chapel Pentecostal Holiness Church
Where we started & where He has us now... 1993 - Present!
from Sunday service her family would get to hear everything that the Sunday School teacher and
preacher said.

This love never ceased. She was called into the ministry at a young age but didn't heed the call until she
became 17. Now 40+ years later she has been from New Jersey (Someplace Special  - 1993) to Texas,
Florida, Tennessee, Idaho (Chariot of God's Love - 2002) and now in Oklahoma and having traveled all but
three of the continental United States she is known best for her preaching and hugs.

Chariot has ministered to the lost as God set us on the road to evangelize across the USA and in parts of
Mexico, Canada, and India. Via the Internet we have had the joy of sharing the Gospel in many countries
and helping to build ministries.

Trained by O.M.I. & Family Marriage Institute; she is ready to assist married couples to build their
relationship into a long lasting, well oiled praise- producing machine that bring glory and honor to God
and their family and friends.

Prayer Conferences and Fresh Start Conferences are at her hearts desire to see all people become the
people God purposes them to be!

Apostle Ruth also helped others to start their own ministries and helped established ministries in building
Bible Schools and aiding in church plants. Souls have been saved as healing, miracles, signs and
wonders took place. Many people have been baptized by water and Holy Spirit and many have been
encouraged with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.
Always Here to Pray and Serve - 918-253-7447
Chariot of God's Love is a Church / Ministry and follows the admonition found in The Holy Bible at Acts 14:21+22 and Matthew 28:19+20; to preach the Good News of
God's Kingdom of Jesus Christ as the only hope for mankind and to
teach others to observe ALL  that Christ has commanded us to do. We have Church where ever
we are!

We make house calls and hospital visits and believe that all who call upon the name of our Lord should be teaching others to do the same. We pray with you and for
you. We believe it is the responsibility of every Christian to follow the example set by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Disciple making is our primary work as
worship is our primary goal.

As we receive,
we distribute Bible materials to other ministries providing evangelism materials for anyone who would like to minister the
Rev Richard Waymire of  Body Life Ministries provides us with the wonderful training materials for the "Fresh Start" series. This literature is always free. Call
us before your next mission trip for materials to take with you so you’ll be fully equipped for every good work.
You can come and pick them up. Just call us and
schedule. If you are wanting materials shipped please consider the cost and consider making a donation to cover that cost. Thank you.

Working with Fresh Start For All Nations, so that the work continues to expand remembering we are only one Body working together for the good of the Kingdom of
God and building a complete network for Christians to be able to come together is what make all our work successful. We know that no one does anything by
themselves. We need you to send us and have us come to help you grow. Everyone needs a Fresh Start call 918-253-7447 to schedule your Fresh Start Seminar today
or you can schedule a Prayer Conference if you prefer.
Apostle Ruth Robinson
Founder of Chariot of God's Love
PO. Box 104; Jay, OK 74346
Call us (918) 253-7447
Apostle Ruth Robinson